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A visionary artist, with a passion for spreading her overflowing heart of love, vocalist Laura Angelini is dedicated to changing and improving her world.

She’s been in the background — dancing and singing — of various well-known artists throughout her career thus far; but, now, with the current state of politics, world pressures, environmental issues and civic injustices, Angelini — whose surname means “little angel” — is taking it upon herself to right the world wrongs with a powerful message, which she calls her Legacy of Love.

Laura Angelini was born in Bronx, N.Y., and moved as a child with her parents to the Reno area of Nevada. Both sides of her family originate from Italy, which she credits in part for her strong passion and independent spirit. Laura says she knew at the age of 6 that she wanted to become a singer. “I found my passion early in life,” she says.

However, her parents did what they could to distract her from her chosen profession, one that, they felt, could lead her down an unhealthy or unsavory path.
“But, I never felt the pull toward those paths,” she says.

She grew up listening to music icons John Denver and Michael Jackson, both of whom instilled in her a love of music and projects that give back to people, animals and the environment.

“I loved both of their music, but I didn’t really know about all the projects they were involved in until I grew older; that was just a part of what made them who they were,” she says.

 As a young adult, Laura also loved musical theater, gymnastics and dance and spent time studying, as well as teaching the arts. Her early performances began with touring with the late- pop, award-winning singer Andy Williams and included film and television projects with Cirque Du Soleil “Alegria” lyricist, Claude Amesse. She also enjoyed performing early on with rock bands from the Pacific Northwest to the San Francisco Bay Area.
Angelini is a mom and lives in Orange County, Calif. She is currently recording with Producer David Longoria amd touring with the world-renowned trumpetist and performer’s We Are One Concerts.

With We Are One Concerts, Angelini sang for the National Day of Prayer for Our Nation at the White House; in front of more than 3 million people at Unity Day 2017 in Brooklyn, N.Y.; and at a similar event in New York, N.Y.

The ground-breaking, unifying musical concerts currently are putting her in front of crowds at events in California and across the country. Although not yet a millionaire, Laura Angelini has a philanthropist’s heart and aims to use her passion and talents for a greater cause.

Much like her idols, Michael Jackson and John Denver, Laura has created her own philanthropic organization: — which provides funds from sales of music and performances to worthy causes that help: people and humanity; oceans and the environment; and animals.

“Music has the power to heal, comfort, encourage and bring people together,” Laura Angelini says.

She’s dedicated to using her music to fulfill that pledge.


Visit Laura's mission site to use her music to affect future generations!

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Laura is using music to change the world! With songs that move people to dance, she is inspiring positive change and encouragement along the way.

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